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Join Wrestling Club

Join Wrestling Club



Memberships are billed monthly on the date of sign up.
No contracts.  Cancel anytime. Adjust/Cancel Membership
*** Memberships include coaching at scheduled tournaments ***


  • 1 Practice/Week  $95 / month
    • Attend any 1 scheduled wrestling practice each week.
    • 2 Practices/Week -   $159 / month
      • Attend any 2 scheduled wrestling practices each week.
      • Unlimited Practices/Week -    $189 / month
        • Attend unlimited scheduled wrestling practices each week.

      *** Each member is billed a $20 quarterly fee once every 3 months.  It is for costs associated with services related to enrollment, travel/competition coaching and replenishment of general & first aid supplies. ***

      DROP INS -  $30 / practice
            • Sign in at front desk on tablet before entering the wrestling room.
            • must complete waiver/release prior to entering
            • Only permitted if practices are not at capacity.
            • Join as a member to guarantee your spot.

          No-Experience-Wrestlers:  Stop in and watch a practice!  If you want to join after visiting:  Enroll with a membership, complete two weeks of  “strength and balance”  practices and also book 2 private lessons with coach Tyler Shilson or Jake Fitzpatrick to learn the basics.  After completing these things, you may participate in our other practices.


                • Beginner - Practices focus on building fundamentals / basic technique and will provide an introduction to drilling and live wrestling.  These are structured practices. 
                  • Practices designed for Grade Schoolers. 
                  • Junior High or High Schoolers that are new or not ready for Advanced Practices - Book a private lesson to get up to speed.
                • Advanced - Practices reinforce fundamentals, provide high-level technique, and contain intense drills & live wrestling.  These are structured practices. 
                  • Open to Ages 6 - 19. 
                  • Must be proficient at fundamental wrestling skills
                • Open mat - This is an on-your-own style session. Coaches are present, but do not lead you through a structured practice. 
                  • Open to All Ages & Skill Levels.
                • Strength/Balance - Practices focus on developing and improving our wrestlers' strength, fundamental positioning, and fundamental movement by using wrestling-specific lifts, drills, and exercises.  These are structured group sessions. 
                  • Open to ages 6 - 19. 
                  • This is a great program for grade schoolers as well as junior high or high schoolers.  Wrestlers of all ages will benefit from these workouts.


                Use the Pursuit Fundamental Skills outline to know what practices are appropriate for your wrestler:


                WE OPERATE YEAR ROUND.  See "Practice Schedule" tab on website to see the days and times of each Practice Type offered.


                    Club Memberships are billed monthly automatically on the day of sign-up. Cancel or change anytime using "manage membership" tab


                      - Each club program membership grants 1 spectator. We ask that you limit additional spectators if possible.  Talk with staff if you require special accommodation beyond 1 spectator 

                      - All spectators must remain in viewing area and not roam onto mats or in the private gym area.


                      Spectators/parents are not to shout, yell, or talk to members while practices are running.  During water breaks in a practice is a good time to speak to your wrestler.